In de zomer van 2018 heb ik via The Reporters de Global Journey van Tomorrowland verslagen. De Global Journey is een rondreis, die uit de hoed komt van het Belgische festival. The People of Tomorrow – oftewel: de bezoekers van het EDM-festijn – stellen hun eigen reis samen. Parijs, Amsterdam, Boedapest, Barcelona, Berlijn en Antwerpen zitten in het pakket. De laatste en últieme bestemming is Planaxis, de onderwaterwereld van Tomorrowland in het Vlaamse Boom. Eens per jaar schudt het stadje flink op zijn grondvesten. De Tomorrowlandvlaggen wapperen uit de ramen. In 2018 bezochten 400.000 zeemeerminnen en -mannen, sirenes en magiërs – sommigen half mens, anderen half vis – het festival.

Mijn opdracht

Als reizende reporter heb ik alle content geschreven voor de Global Journey Newspaper 2018. Dit is de festivalkrant van het reisprogramma van Tomorrowland. De stijl? Dromerig, sprookjesachtig en romantisch. Berlijn, Antwerpen en uiteindelijk het festival zelf passeerden de revue. Aan mij de taak om The People of Tomorrow te interviewen en verslag te doen van hun reis met als papieren aandenken: een krant.



Great stories happen to those who can tell them

Mauritius, Ecuador, Saudi Arabia, Australia or the USA. You travelled from all corners of the world to explore three, four or five of Europe’s enchanting cities with Discover Europe. Most of you came from afar, some just got married, others took on two jobs to save money for this trip. All of you have a story to tell. Please, could you tell us yours along the way?


“Adventure abroad or big wedding?” is what Shannon asked her fiancée Derek – a young man who had never left American soil before. He looked at the girl who once made a huge impression on him by wearing a Power Rangers T-shirt.

“Hmm, let’s go for some adventure,” he said with a slightly faltering voice. So, a week ago they exchanged their vows in front of fourteen of their closest family members. The very next day they got on a plane. Destination: Barcelona, Berlin, Ibiza, and then finally, Tomorrowland. No luxurious honeymoon resorts for these two: Shannon and Derek travel with backpacks, sleep in dormitories and camp at DreamVille.

“We’ve only spent our wedding night together, and have been surrounded by other people since. For us, this trip is about connecting with others. It’s amazing how much you can have in common with people from the other side of the world,” Shannon says. Going on honeymoon to Tomorrowland is a dream come true. Usually, they prefer the smaller festival stages. “But you should never be too cool for the Mainstage,” they add in unison. “The vibe that the crowd can give you is indescribable.”


Juan (39) came all the way from Ecuador. He brought a mask made of wool, which represents festive traditions in his country – and it’s not something he would wear to work on a Monday morning, by the way. This guy is actually a soldier in the Ecuadorian army. In his daily life, he is equipped with a metal detector, searching for landmines which were once placed to protect the borders. Wearing his mask to Discover Europe, however, he becomes an ambassador of his culture. Last year he visited Tomorrowland for the first time and became enchanted. “I returned because the atmosphere is just incredible, and I have to see Hardwell and Alesso.”


Aaron’s (35) story is something decidedly of modern times. Three years ago, he went to a classic pool party in Texas. DJ Blasterjaxx was playing and on point. He took a picture of the guy and posted it on Instagram. The next day he scrolled through the DJ’s hashtag. A picture almost identical to his own caught Aaron’s attention. Same composition, same time; the photographer must have been dancing right next to him. He socially stalked the profile, and – oh my – this @pattybarragan14 was a cutie. A DM was sent shortly after. A couple of dates later, a first kiss with Patty was exchanged to the soundtrack of Kaskade’s ‘A Little More’, and a new couple of lovebirds was formed. As it was music that brought Patty & Aaron together, it was a dream come true when they visited Tomorrowland one and a half years later. At the festival they met two Ozzies, Abhinav and Anika. The foursome became friends for life and decided to return to the Holy Grounds together. Only this time they did it bigger and better, extending their journey with Discover Europe, and even more collective memories.